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On Marlin Avenue in Royal Oak two weeks ago, a small, two-bedroom house sold in just five days — for $5,000 more than its $140,000 asking price.
就在两周前,位于Marlin 大道(Royal Oak)上的一套两居室的小房子仅在上市五天内就被买家已高于挂牌价5000美金的价格买走。

David Elya, who sold the 775-square-foot house south of 12 Mile Road on April 11, said that is just one example of how the area's supply of for-sale homes simply isn't keeping pace with buyer demand.
这套775平方英尺的房子位于12 mile road 以北,经纪David Elya在4月11号售出的该套房屋,他表示这仅仅是现在市场上的房屋供不应求的小案例之一。

"That wouldn't have been possible back in the foreclosure days, when they (for-sale homes) were a dime a dozen," said Elya, broker/owner of Rochester-based Brookview Realty.
Brookview Realty的经纪也是所有者Elya说: “这在过去市场上大量法拍房,甚至夸张到一分钱一打房屋的日子里简直是不可能发生的情况”。

Case in point: Since January 2013, the for-sale inventory in the four-county metro region has fallen by 16.3 percent, from 15,537 listings in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Livingston counties down to 12,997 in March, according to Farmington Hills-based Realcomp Ltd. II.

That's one of the reasons median sale prices have increased 85 percent in that period, from $80,000 to $148,000, according to Realcomp.

Although there has been a sharp decline in on-market inventory, that brings the market in line to where it has been traditionally in terms of homes for sale, said Ann Peterson, broker/owner of Rochester-based Ann Peterson Realty Services LLC.
“市场库存的大幅下降,使得现在的市场更接近于之前的传统市场,我们手上持有的市场房屋数通常在10,000-13,000之间,实际上市场上的房屋数量还是很多的,”, Ann Peterson Realty Services LLC的经纪和所有人安·彼得森说。

"We've gotten somewhat back to pre-recession numbers," said Joe Sabatini, vice president and regional director of Re/Max of Southeastern Michigan in Troy.
“有些地方的数据显示现在已经快接近于经济危机前的水平了”密歇根州东南部的Re/Max 区域总监Joe Sabatini表示。 

The average property — a for-sale home or condominium — spent 78 days on the market in January 2013. Last month it was 52 days, according to Realcomp.

The current market conditions are the result of a slew of factors.

First, people who bought their homes at the height of the real estate market in the early to mid-2000s remain underwater or upside down, owing more on mortgages than their home is worth. That makes them reluctant to put them on the market, leading to fewer homes for sale.

Re/Max of Southeastern Michigan's Sabatini said people who want to move will generally have no problem selling their home. "The problem is, where do they go?"

The disparity between supply and demand is particularly pronounced for homes selling for less than $250,000, according to data from Southfield-based Real Estate One.The number of for-sale homes up to $150,000 fell 14.65 percent from 7,115 to 6,072 in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Livingston and St. Clair counties from March 2015 to last month, while it fell 19.74 percent, from 2,746 to 2,204, in the same region for homes $150,000 to $250,000, according to Real Estate One.
根据Real Estate One的数据显示:对于房价低于$250,000的房屋,供给和需求之间的差异是十分明显的。在韦恩县、马克姆县、利文斯敦县、克莱尔县售价在$150,000以下的待售房屋的数量从15年3月到现在下降了14.65%,从7115栋下降到了6072;同时期,售价在$150,000到$250,000之间的在售房屋下降了19.74%。

In addition, with an improving economy, those who had been sitting on the sidelines during the recession are now in the market to buy.

The company had more than twice as many showings (12,829) in February 2016 than it did four years ago (6,029), the company said. It's up 14 percent year-over-year.
单从Real Estate One来看,该公司在2016年2月带看数量为12,829,而四年前仅是6,029,每年的增长为14%。

All this is leading to the need for more agents, Sabatini said.

Re/Max had 755 agents in 2014 and 839 at the end of last year, an 11.1 percent increase. In addition, seven new offices opened, bringing Re/Max from 42 to 49, an 16.7 percent increase, Sabatini said.
Sabatini 表示Re/Max在2014年的经纪数量为755,去年年底为839,增长了11.1%。另外新开了7个办公室,由42间办公室增长到了49间,增幅为16.7%。

"It's harder to do deals," he said. "The timeline, when you're with a client and you're writing multiple offers, the process takes longer. There are more that are getting back into the market that had left during the downturn, and new individuals that are getting into the market as a new career."


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